Introduction to Chemistry:

Lesson Plans & Lecture Outlines
*Unit 1 Notes - Introduction to Chemistry  pdf   (studentspdf
     *Honor's Chemistry (notes)  pdf   (keypdf   Overheads  pdf
     *Topics List  pdf
     *Corwin Textbook Questions  pdf
     *Lesson Plans  pdf
     *Review Topics
     *V I D E O   L E S S O N S

 *Full PowerPoint - Introduction to Chemistry (288 slides)   htm   1997-2003 PP
     *Intro to Chemistry (31 slides)
     *Safety (23 slides)
     *Safety Rules (40 slides)
     *Science (12 slides)
     *The Scientific Method (49 slides)
     *Laboratory Equipment (6 slides)
     *Chemistry vs. Alchemy (21 slides)
     *Graphing (16 slides)
     *Conversion Factors (23 slides)
     *Simple Math (17 slides)
     *Scientific Notation (20 slides)
     *Basic Concepts in Chemistry (11 slides)
     *SI System (12 slides)
     *Reading Measurements (58 slides)
     *Essential Math of Chemistry (17 slides)
     *General Chemistry
     *Safety Rules
     *Print Off Slides for Class (optional)

Free Download for PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from Microsoft

     *Material Safety Data Sheet  questions  pdf
     *Real Life Chemistry pdf
     *Conversion Factors pdf
     *Scientific Notation pdf
     *Mathematics of Chemistry pdf (key pdf
     *Metric Article pdf  questions  pdf
     *Math Review pdf
     *Graphing  pdf  Graph Paper Generator  (external link)
     *Blank Graph Paper  pdf
     *Significant Digits pdf
     *Vocabulary - Introduction to Chemistry pdf
     *Textbook Questions pdf
     *Review Sheet pdf

     *Checkbook Activity - Scientific Method  pdf 
     *Remsen Reaction Video
     Disappearing Ink
     *Penny into Gold - Alchemist Dream
     Waterlock (sodium polyacrylate) / Diaper
     Melting Mole Dollar
     *Sterno (burning hand)
     *Penny in nitric acid video
     Safety shower & eyewash
     Acetone / NH4OH / R-OH / H2O (safety)

Labs should be done under teacher supervision and all safety
issues should be addressed before beginning the lab.
     *Safety Contract  pdf
     *Glassware identification & Labware  PowerPoint
     *Candle Lab  pdf
     *Textbook Activity  pdf
     *Controlling Variables
     *Home Inventory of Chemicals  (external link)
     *Thalidomide  pdf
     *Measurement Prelab  pdf
     *Measurement Lab  pdf
     *Aluminum Copper Chloride  pdf
     *Scientific Notation Lab  pdf
     *MSDS Sheets from FLINN Scientific  (external link)
     *Marvelous Dimensional Analysis Activity

Topics Review
Get a refresher on topics we use throughout the semester.      
     *Areas of Chemistry
     *Rules for Significant Figures
     * Scientific Method
     *SI Measurements
     *Mathematics in Chemistry
     *Rules for Significant Figures
     *Significant Figures:  Addition & Subtraction
     *Significant Figures:  Multiplication & Division
     *Scientific Notation (Powers of Ten)
     *Powers of Ten:  Addition & Subtraction
     *Powers of Ten:  Multiplication & Division
     *Rules for Rounding
     *Powers & Roots
     *Accuracy, Absolute Value & % Error
     *Precision, Deviation, Exact Number
     *Laboratory Report Form
     *Steps in Graphing
     *Interpretation of Graphs
     *Vitamin Requirements - USDA website
     *Linear Least Squares Applet - Dartmouth website
     *Learn the names & symbols of the elements (external link)
     *Reading a vernier (external link)
     *The Chemistry Behind Cleaning Chemicals (external link)
     *Syllabus  pdf
     *Classroom Rules  pdf
     *A Guide for Understanding  pdf
     *Advice for Studying Chemistry  pdf
     *Point Total Page pdf
     *Selected Reading  pdf
     *Vocabulary - Semester 1  pdf  & Semester 2  pdf

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