Atomic Structure:

Lesson Plans & Lecture Outlines
     *Unit 3 Notes - Atomic Structure (23 pages) pdf (studentspdf
     *Lecture Outline - Honors  pdf
     *Lecture Outline  pdf
     *Lecture Outline  pdf  key  pdf  Overheads  pdf
     *Topics List  pdf
     *Corwin Textbook Questions
     *Lesson Plans  pdf
     *V I D E O   L E S S O N S

  *Full PowerPoint - Atomic Structure   (245 slides)  htm     1997-2003 PP
     *Development of the Atom (19 slides)
     *Dalton Model of the Atom (18 slides)
     *Thomson Model of the Atom (21 slides)
     *Rutherford Model of the Atom (35 slides)
     *Bohr Model of the Atom (12 slides)
     *Quantum Model (29 slides)
     *Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment (2 slides)
     *History of the Atom - Summary (5 slides)
     *Particles in the Atom (14 slides)
     *Electron Configurations (66 slides)
     *Electron Configurations and Orbitals (54 slides)
     *Periodic Patterns (31 slides)
     *Isotopes  II (40 + 16 slides)
     *Light (168 slides)
     *Emission Spectra (14 slides)
     *Excited State (10 slides)
     *Hydrogen Spectral Lines (19 slides)
     *Color (10 slides)
     *Photoelectric Effect (23 slides)
     *Extra Slides (21 slides)
     *Aliens Activity (8 slides)
     *PRINT Atom & PRINT Light
     *Vocabulary:  Atomic Structure  pdf
     *Atomic Number and Mass Number  pdf
     *Ions and Subatomic Particles  pdf
     *Development of the Atomic Theory  pdf   (history of the Atom paragraph)
     *Light Problems  pdf
     *Half-life of Radioactive Isotopes  pdf  PowerPoint   pdf
     Quantum Mechanics and Electron Configuration (paragraph)
     *Atom, Mass, and the Mole  pdf
     *Electron Configuration WS  pdf   Pattern  pdf
     *Orbital Diagrams  pdf
     Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass
     *Test Review list  pdf
     *Textbook Questions  pdf
     *Review Sheet  pdf

     Bowling Ball - Dalton's model of Atom
     Hoberman Sphere - Atom is mostly empty space
     Ceiling Tile with marbles (Gold Foil Experiment)
     Magnets (8 small & 1 large round)
     Flame Tests - Emission *full photo
     *Emission Spectra Applet - Dartmouth College
     *Electrons-in-a-Box Applet - Dartmouth College

Labs should be done under teacher supervision and all safety
issues should be addressed before beginning the lab.
     *Isotopes Lab  pdf
     *Isotopes H-Lab  pdf  PowerPoint
     *Half-life Activity  pdf
     *Battleship Electron Configuration Game - Brian Kerns  pdf (directions)

Topics Review
Get a refresher on topics we use throughout the semester.      

     *Line Spectra
     *Do You Know these Men from ATOM?
     *The Atomic Lab

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