The following are some unsolicited comments from web visitors.

There's nothing "normal" about this site.  It's a rich resource filled with detailed notes, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and more. Materials from Jeff Christopherson at NCHS in Normal, Illinois.

Webmaster -
Strictly awesome site and resources.  I love the Check activity from the start of the year.  Thank you for sharing and impacting my students from such a great distance!

Michael Bernardino - North Canyon High School (Arizona)
After previewing your materials, I have found it extremely useful in designing my lectures and activities to supplement my lectures.  The worksheets and labs are great in how they match the content.  Great job!

Michael Koder - Harry S. Truman High School (Pennsylvania)
Thanks, and I just want to say that I've used your materials extensively, in fact used them to virtually write ALL of my lessons.  Your CD and web site have easily been the most comprehensive and pertinent sources of information for what I do and have been invaluable in helping me more clearly present what we cover and to help me re-think what I teach.

James Nugent - Narragansett High School (Rhode Island)
I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the CD of PowerPoints, notes, and worksheets you so graciously mailed to me.  The work is of the highest quality, and a joy to teach with.  You have not simply regurgitated the textbook, but have truly supplemented that text.  I have been using the PowerPoint related to Accuracy/Precision today and the students have really enjoyed the golf analogy and sound effects.  You have saved me literally hundreds of hours by your generosity.  Of course my students are the ultimate beneficiaries.  Thank you again.

Elaine Harper - Red Bank High School (Tennessee)
Thank you for sharing your Chemistry class enhancements.  The PowerPoint presentations have become integrated into the way that I present information in my classroom.  The PowerPoint presentations that you prepared are so dynamic that it really grabs my students' attention. The animations included on many of the slides are the best way to present some very complex concepts.

Thank you again for generously sharing your obvious hard work.  I know that my students are benefiting from the preparation that you have put into these materials.  Your efforts have allowed me more time to prepare laboratories, grade assignments in a timely manner, and deliver information at a very high level.  Your influence is positive and far reaching.

David Jacob - Clarkstown High School (New York)
I love this site.  I have built my school's entire chemistry curriculum based on the resources I have found at this location.  Thank you for providing this service.  My students thank you, too!

Heather Grantham - Broomfield High School (Colorado)
In over 20 years of teaching, I have never seen such an organized and complete set of classroom materials.  Your site rivals any textbook resource site!

Paula Mueller, NBCT - Neuqua Valley High School (Illinois)

The site is well organized and updated, the lectures are indeed animated and with good solid content. There is a lot of material in the site that would help any teacher high school teacher prepare a much better class (slides, handouts, AP materials). The author clearly enjoys his subject and wants to share with others what he has done.

The MERLOT Chemistry Editorial Board

I have found the materials on your website to be very helpful in teaching chemistry. The concepts are very clearly explained and I find it very easy to modify and include it into my own lesson plans.

This is the first website that I have found to be a useful teacher reference tool.

Harpreet Benipal -Bakersfield High School (California)

I was at a workshop and a chemistry teacher at our table raved about the materials on the CD. He stated how everyone who teaches chemistry should have this CD, that it was a great reference and presented materials that are eye opening for the students.

Eva Aseves - George Washington High School (Illinois)

This website is wonderful. It has made teaching chemistry for the first time a dream!! I am not spending all of my spare time searching for information, rather you have it so well organized. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Melissa Champion - Boiling Springs High School (South Carolina)